Flexible Farm Combined insurance policies

Our Farm Combined insurance policies are designed to suit your requirements. They bring together all of your business and residential assets and liabilities in a single policy.

We are independent brokers so we offer our farming customers a broad selection of policies from key providers. These include our own County Farm policy which is underwritten by Aviva.

You won’t pay for cover you don’t need. Our Farm Combined insurance policies are broken down into several key sections, including domestic and farm buildings and farm vehicles, so we work together to identify and agree the level of cover you need. You then get a policy to suit your individual requirements.

A Working Relationship with your farm insurance account executive

We are committed to our farming clients. This means you’ll continue to receive a high level of personal service once your policy is in place. Your dedicated account handler will build up a detailed picture of your business. This will help them to conduct a comprehensive annual review of your level of cover. We also highlight any topical issues which may affect your operations in the future.

We look to provide regular customer newsletters. This helps you to stay informed of industry news and changes in legislation.

Combined Farm Insurance Policies

Our Combined policies can be tailored to cover the following areas of your business:


  • Farm buildings
  • Agricultural produce – Grain/Growing crops
  • Deadstock – inputs such as chemicals, fuels, fertilisers, seeds, feeds
  • Hay and straw
  • Portable tools/machinery
  • Fixed machinery

Business Interruption

If your business is interrupted, we can cover you in different ways. Cover can be on a full revenue basis or on an increased cost of working basis for different activities such as Arable, Livestock and Dairy.


Mortality and loss of use for specified animals
Diseases cover such as Foot and Mouth and TB Reactors
Standard cover can be extended to transit and straying risks

Employers’ Liability, Public and Products Liability, Environmental Liability

Business Money

Personal Accident and Sickness

Goods in Transit

Engineering Inspections

Commercial Legal Expenses

  • Private buildings
  • Private contents and valuables

Each section of the policy has a minimum premium.

Farm Combined policies start from a minimum overall premium of just £315.00