Rural Protect – Safeguard your business

We are pleased to be one of only a few companies offering Rural Protect, a new product in our portfolio.

This tailored product provides cover for both the business and personal liability of the owner, partner or director in the event of an allegation, investigation or pursuit.

The policy provides cover for unlimited free legal advice and legal representation costs and is tailored to reflect the specific risks and particular circumstances faced by farmers and rural business owners and managers.

Rural Protect provides you with unlimited and exclusive access to Rradar, a trusted law firm who specialise not only in the management of legal crises but the education and prevention of them. Ultimately providing you with peace of mind and security that you are safeguarding your business and potentially saving valuable profit along the way.



Key Cover – Rural Protect

  • All investigations and prosecutions from all UK regulators and enforcement agencies
  • Cover for action brought against individuals and/or the business
  • Civil action – neighboring farms, contract disputes, suppliers, customers, employees, competitors
  • Criminal action – regulators such as HSE, DVSA (VOSA) Environment Agency, HMRC, UK Immigration, RSPCA and Police
  • Employment Tribunals costs and awards
  • Covers all fees in defending you and your business: solicitors, expert, witnesses, forensic accountants, barristers
  • Employee Theft cover up to £100,000
  • Cyber Liability
  • Pursuit Cover – allows you to take legal action against a third party
  • Rent Arbitration dispute cover
  • Single Farm Payment Appeals cover
  • Covers HSE Fee for Intervention costs

Support and advice

rradar_logo_newRural Protect customers have unlimited free legal support from leading law firm Rradar, where qualified solicitors provide guidance and support including:

  • Legally privileged advice and guidance from specialist lawyers
  • On-going legal representation through all legal cases
  • Crisis call-out service with whole UK coverage
  • Face-to-face contact with specialist legal advisors
  • Dedicated 24/7 crisis line

Rradar provide information and guidance on an unrivalled range of legal and regulatory issues which can cause a business concern, including:

  • Human resources and employment
  • Health and Safety
  • Waste and environmental regulations
  • Taxation
  • Money laundering, fraud, bribery and corruption, anti-competitive practices
  • Intellectual property, data protection and cybercrime
  • Legal advice on a wide range of areas including directors’ and shareholders’ duties, contract disputes, financial crime, motoring and criminal offences

They will provide comprehensive assistance, representation and crisis management across any sector covering all legal disciplines. Providing full access to a multidisciplinary team of professional solicitors and barristers, customers are guaranteed a legally privileged service and the right support when they need it the most. The teams offer a responsive service for any legal matters that arise and provide UK wide crisis call out service and arrest assistance.

County Insurance Services Ltd promise to you:

  • Experts who understand farming and rural businesses’
  • Regular policy reviews
  • Deliver the right cover at a competitive price
  • Dedicated farm/rural account handlers

Rural Protect, simultaneously offers you peace of mind that your business is protected whilst saving valuable profit along the way.