Richard Parsons, Cardinal Slates. Manufacturers of reproduction Cotswold roof slates since 1994.

The fire was an extremely traumatic experience. Thankfully nobody was hurt, but our production facilities were completely destroyed. As an established business with customers relying on us, it was imperative for us to be up and running as quickly as possible. It was a difficult time but County Insurance Services couldn’t have been more helpful. Their annual onsite review had ensured the business was not under-insured. They were able to expedite the claim on our behalf, whilst our business interruption protection allowed us to retain staff onsite during the rebuild. Our replacement facilities went up very quickly, which enabled us to retain customers and will allow us to expand our operations in the future. An event like this would surely have closed us down for good had we not been properly insured in all aspects of the business. I’m extremely relieved that things have turned out so well.